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  • hello..again

    I’m baaack!!!
    For good this time. Haven’t given my blog some TLC for quite a few months, and there really is no excuse for it anymore. I’m not kidding when I say that a lot has happened since I lasted blogged. I am grateful and relieved that it’s in the past, cause it certainly was a different summer from previous ones. 

    But so far this year, plenty has happened to celebrate about, and I have plenty more to look forward to.
    - It’s exactly 6 months and 4 days till my 21st! (Yes, don’t judge me, I am counting down). In fact, this whole year will be year full of all my friends 21st birthdays, so I guess doing speeches at school won’t be a complete waste of time after all.
    - My family welcomed my first nephew when my brother and sister in law had their first baby early this month. I am officially Aunty Kitty to a little boy named Ethan, who I am totally smitten about!!
    - I’m back at uni, except this year I’m doing a doing a double major in Political Science and Anthropology.. so no more law, thank goodness. It’s also opened up the opportunity for me to possibly travel to China in late 2014 to study and help with a development over there.
    - I joined the gym last month and am working hard towards becoming fit as heck, so watch this space..
    - A lot of my family from overseas visited over summer as well. I really hate how far away they live from us, but their visits just reminded us all of how distance doesn’t matter when you love each other, and brought us all so much closer together. 
    - Little Bear turned 2 last week and is growing up to be the most gorgeous little girl. Super proud of her!
    - In January, I worked at Parachute Music Festival again, and the best few days camping out there amongst the dust, sweat and sleeplessness. It’s never a proper summer without going to Parachute.
    - Last month I went to Te Matatini, the National Kapa Haka festival, in Rotorua, and watched my friend perform. It was an amazing experience being surrounded by so much culture.
    - I got 2 new tattoos in December! I love them so much. I’ll do a post updating those later.

    One thing I’ve certainly learnt recently is to stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being positive about what could go right.









  • heart on my sleeve

    It’s been a really..crap/crazy..last month, particularly the last week.

    It’s been interesting discovering what I need to do to keep myself sane. I haven’t baked, slept, played sims or ran as much as I have recently! And flip has it been a life saver. It’s really easy to feel overwhelmed and completely succumbed by all the nastiness that life throws at you.. Especially when it all comes at once. So when you find those little things that keep you going, it’s important to stay focused on them to keep yourself smiling. Today, happiness came from baking my trademark chocolate chunk cookies. There truly is nothing like a oven fresh, warm cookie with a glass of milk.

    For now my head is above the water. Thank goodness it’s only a season.


  • kiss me when the sun goes down

    Right now I am in the middle of exams, and my brain is literally fried! Summer is fast approaching and I really could not be more grateful for the 4 month holiday that I’m about to have. 

    Over the month of May, I did a challenge where I wore a different outfit every day. Despite how awkward it got wearing something different each day, it was surprisingly really fun and I ended with a whole new appreciation for my wardrobe. I thought it would be fun to do it again, because this time, I can explore summer clothes! 

    Peplum tops, bright nail polish, studded shorts and printed cropped tops are very popular at the moment, with more styles bound to come in stores soon over for the summer season.. I guess I’ll have to stock up my wardrobe before I do another challenge!


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  • wonderland

    This month so far has been very, very eventful.

    My birthday celebrations felt like they carried on for over a week, with special meals, celebrations and gifts. My tumblr has been a bit neglected recently, much to my regret. I seem to go through many phases of blogging heaps and then not blogging for ages..but I really do love this! 

    The next few weeks are busy with preparation for the end of year University exams, so I’m going to be scheduling some posts till I am able to write properly. Right now my mind is going crazy trying to comprehend what exams are going to be like. I seriously cannot wait to have a holiday and have a full day with nothing that I have to do, have no work, with nowhere to be- to just have a nothing day, that is all I am dreaming of!!

    Until then..

    All photos taken by my friends and I at my birthday celebrations

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  • or forever hold your peace

    Last night was probably the craziest stormy night I have seen in a very long time..if not ever! My facebook newsfeed was going crazy with statuses and photos of the ridiculous hail and rain, which it made a nice change from all the depressing, emo and relationship ones that are always there haha. But what I want to celebrate today is the simple act of speech. 

    When I was at work yesterday, I served a customer who was mute, and it got me thinking about what it would be like to live life not being able to speak. You could never cry ugly loud tears, never talk back to your parents, never scream if you were in danger, never laugh like a retard, never tell someone you love them.. I cannot even imagine my life without being able to speak! I am the sort of person who always has something to say, and the thought of not ever being able to do so just blows my mind. I’m forever hearing people talk about how we take so many things for granted in our life, and it’s true! However they usually mean taking people for granted, or never being thankful for things.. but imagine not being able to speak, or see, hear, or walk.

    My mind struggles to comprehend a life without words. It is so important to use your voice, whether it is through speech or other means. No one else can say what you have on your mind - No one else thinks like you do or could ever say it like you can. Please, never feel so limited or so discriminated that you never say how you feel.

    I am beyond grateful, I am ever blessed, to have a voice. 



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  • Mahuru

    Hello spring!

    A new month of dreams, promises and happiness. I feel like every time I think of a new post to write it’s always stuff that’s on my nerves that’s bugging me.. which is fun! But it’s not always good to wallow and give credit to that stuff. So this month is going to be my gratefulness. Every few days (because I’m going to post more often…), is going to be something that I am happy about, because life is not about the shit that happens, it’s about what makes you happy. 

    So today, I am grateful for the arrival of spring! For the blossoms, sunshine and new opportunities that this month brings ❤


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  • we are young

    Aaaah what a month this has been!! I feel like I’ve let a part of my freedom go since I haven’t been blogging very often.. I miss typing out what I feel! Time to get back into this, time to gain some sanity.

    Recently I’ve been struggling with what it means to grow up. To be an adult. Not because I want to be a child or a teenager, or whatever, but because I think society completely misses what it means to be young. To be young, to me, means to embrace the moment. The saying ‘YOLO’ has been around a lot lately, and it drives me crazy how people drop it into conversation like it means something.. it’s lame! Yes, you only live once. But that should not be an excuse to slut around and drink so much that you’ll probably die of liver cancer. That’s not living once, that’s screwing up the life you could have. Go jump of a cliff, fly around the world or fall in love - that is embracing the moment. 

    Likewise, expectations are such a stupid thing to have. They set you up to be let down, gives you ideas in your head of how you wish things to be, a false sense of reality. Girls are really good at having expectations of everyone and over-thinking every little detail in their lives, boys are probably as equally good at this. It just seems like such an adult way of thinking, to expect things from people, and it really messes up our view on things. We would all be much happier human beings if we just chill out and take people as they come. 

    Don’t rush growing up.. slow the puck down and enjoy your freedom, enjoy the reckless, fun, spontaneous and memorable things that come with life!


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