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Apologies and so on

I’m back! Sorry for the huge as delay of posting. I’ve had such a problem being able to access my blog page from my dashboard. It let me log in but I couldn’t get any further.. has anyone else had this issue?

Well lots has happened since my last post! In a nutshell+kodak moments;

- I loved my suprise trip to Australia
- Made 240 sandwiches at work this week.. that’s a whole lotta bread!
- I have some overseas family visiting next week (yay!)
- I’m craving a new pair of shoes reeeally bad 
- Celebrated my Mama’s birthday and made her some raspberry ripple macarons
- Went to the yummiest wine tasting 4 course dinner
- Said farewell to my friend who moved to Australia this week :(
- Got a huge new bed!
- Saw the final Harry Potter movie. So sad that it’s all over!
- And went to EDGEstravaganza concert :)


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