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  • you were wrong

    The week so far has been an amazing week of accomplishments and fun memories. So much changes in an instant, and keeping up with everything can be tiring.

    In all the hype and the blur that life often is, we all make mistakes, whether intentional or not. You’d literally be God if you never made one in your life! The last 6 months I’ve been faced with the burden of other peoples wrong doings, to which has caused me to think a lot about forgiveness. I think it is important to highlight that it is only human to initially feel angry when someone hurts you, there’s nothing wrong with having an emotional reaction, but it is what you do from there that matters. Spending days, months or years holding onto that anger is useless, you could be waiting a very long and torturous time just to hear an apology. And holding onto anger causes you to be a bitter, rotten and mean person that will never learn to appreciate what is actually good in your life - let it go.

    I have to add though; if you’ve done something wrong, apologise! Admitting you’re wrong is not a weakness and you can most definitely not say it too many times. And please don’t assume people are just going to accept your apology and act like you haven’t hurt them. Admitting you’ve made a mistake and an apology goes a lot further than you think, but it does not undo the years of trust that someone has invested into your relationship; romantic or not.Give them space to heal, and do the same for yourself.

    "No one should be ashamed to admit they’re wrong, which is but saying, in other words, that they are wiser today than they were yesterday."
    -Alexander Pope

    Photo Credit, Anthology Magazine, Shop - Buy Some Damn Art, Artist - Jenny Brown


  • my woodland friends

    Awhile ago I became the member of a site called Once’it

    It’s a NZ site where local and international designers have special deals on their products for up to 70% off. It is full of beautiful clothing, gift ware, jewelry and home decor. My first purchase was four drawings called ‘My Woodland Friends’ from Hunter Gatherer, which will soon take it’s rightful place on my wall once I frame them. Eeeep so pretty!

    Go check it out!


  • a sea of faces

    I love these beautiful illustrations by Catherine Campbell. She uses watercolours for her works and it is just amazing! She makes water colouring look simple.. ha if only. Hey, a girl can dream ;)