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  • kiss me when the sun goes down

    Right now I am in the middle of exams, and my brain is literally fried! Summer is fast approaching and I really could not be more grateful for the 4 month holiday that I’m about to have. 

    Over the month of May, I did a challenge where I wore a different outfit every day. Despite how awkward it got wearing something different each day, it was surprisingly really fun and I ended with a whole new appreciation for my wardrobe. I thought it would be fun to do it again, because this time, I can explore summer clothes! 

    Peplum tops, bright nail polish, studded shorts and printed cropped tops are very popular at the moment, with more styles bound to come in stores soon over for the summer season.. I guess I’ll have to stock up my wardrobe before I do another challenge!


  • winter lovin’

    Woah, I’ve written, deleted and rewritten this post a trillion times. I’d rather write something with a clear head that just blabber right now, so I’ll just stick with something fun and lighthearted instead. So here’s my hot list for winter:

    One. Bold patterns seem to be making a regular appearance in my wardrobe recently, I  seriously cannot get enough!! Floral print jeans and blazers, horse printed blouses and aztec patterned leggings amaze me!
    Two. Something I slowly want to start letting creep in my jewelry collection is skulls. I know, you’re either thinking “oh cute!”, or “eeew what a goth.” But whatever, I think there are some skull decorated items that actually can be tasteful. People wear t-shirts with faces on them all the time, so a skull is basically the same just without skin or facial features.
    Three. I also really really want an oversized clutch. I always find ones I like but I want a big one, that’s not floppy but firm, and that will fit my phone in it. Sequined, studded and metallic ones are amongst the styles that I like.
    Four. Faux fur jackets. So practical cause it’s warm during this chilly season in NZ, and still so classic and sexy.
    Five.  Neon lipsticks and bold lip colour. This has always been a favourite of mine as it makes your outfit so versatile. Adding a bright lip colour can change the type of outfit you’re wearing from day wear to night wear. 

    I was going to do a not list as well, but to be honest, as long as you are comfortable with what you’re wearing, than that’s all that should matter. Stay warm x


  • star studded

    This week has been such a good week. Feeling pretty chuffed at how chill life is being at the moment!

    But, ya know what? Life can suck fat ones -  sometimes more often than you’d want it to. And ya know what else? There’s nothing you can do about it! Stop trying to change what you cannot change. Embrace your trials and tribulations, enjoy the journey that it takes you on and build a bridge. And all you haters; don’t try build walls in front of someone’s bridge when they’re doing their best to just get by. Your negativity, although may seem like ‘constructive criticism’, can be all it takes to tear someone down again. 

    Here’s to all the bridges!

    I ♥ anything with studs!


  • little one

    There have been so many babies being born recently, particularly over the past few months. Lucky for me I can help ease my cluckiness on someone else’s child.. but I am still super excited to have my own in the future. 

    One thing that I still struggle to understand is some of the names parents call their children. Yes, it is your child. Yes, you have the right to call it what you like. However, your poor child has to live with the name you give it for the rest of it’s life. No matter how cute it might sound, how cool your think it is to change the spelling or how different and unique it is, it is someone’s name, not just a cool thing you can make up to be trendy. 

    Be careful with the the name you give! For the sake of your child!

    My favorite baby clothes, all from Baby Gap


  • Vogue

    After a long day at uni, all I want to do is go shopping. If I only I had money!

    So instead, on a sneaky quick break, I drool over beautiful garments on Vogue. This is the Autumn/Winter collection by Gary Bigeni, full of a whole new pallet of winter snuggly colors and bold prints. I love the different layers and colour combinations in this collection, makes me super excited for winter!


  • doily

    One of my most favourite things to do when Im feeling inspired and just want to organize things, is to change my room around!

    I love to read NZ Home and Garden for ideas and inspiration, as well as taking inspiration from other friends, websites and TV. Glass jars, doilys’, floral canvases, photo frames with material, quotes and old photos, stacks of books and lots of colour everywhere are my main decoration must-do’s in my room at the moment. I have a new floral quilt duvet which I have used as my centre feature to which everything else in my room compliments. I love to have plenty of photographs around my room as they remind me of the happy times I have had in the past.

    Be inspired!

    (photos are all my originals)


  • do you think I’m tex-y?

    I’m just a little bit obsessed with nail polish at the moment!

    A friend of mine has a collection to die for and I’ve recently worked my way through my faves from her box full (it actually is a box full..) of choices. I’m really love love loving hot bright pink shades at the moment, as well as mustard yellow, greens and orange. ‘Do you think I’m tex-y?’ by OPI is going to be my summer shade, which matches my new shoes! I love high heels!