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  • hello..again

    I’m baaack!!!
    For good this time. Haven’t given my blog some TLC for quite a few months, and there really is no excuse for it anymore. I’m not kidding when I say that a lot has happened since I lasted blogged. I am grateful and relieved that it’s in the past, cause it certainly was a different summer from previous ones. 

    But so far this year, plenty has happened to celebrate about, and I have plenty more to look forward to.
    - It’s exactly 6 months and 4 days till my 21st! (Yes, don’t judge me, I am counting down). In fact, this whole year will be year full of all my friends 21st birthdays, so I guess doing speeches at school won’t be a complete waste of time after all.
    - My family welcomed my first nephew when my brother and sister in law had their first baby early this month. I am officially Aunty Kitty to a little boy named Ethan, who I am totally smitten about!!
    - I’m back at uni, except this year I’m doing a doing a double major in Political Science and Anthropology.. so no more law, thank goodness. It’s also opened up the opportunity for me to possibly travel to China in late 2014 to study and help with a development over there.
    - I joined the gym last month and am working hard towards becoming fit as heck, so watch this space..
    - A lot of my family from overseas visited over summer as well. I really hate how far away they live from us, but their visits just reminded us all of how distance doesn’t matter when you love each other, and brought us all so much closer together. 
    - Little Bear turned 2 last week and is growing up to be the most gorgeous little girl. Super proud of her!
    - In January, I worked at Parachute Music Festival again, and the best few days camping out there amongst the dust, sweat and sleeplessness. It’s never a proper summer without going to Parachute.
    - Last month I went to Te Matatini, the National Kapa Haka festival, in Rotorua, and watched my friend perform. It was an amazing experience being surrounded by so much culture.
    - I got 2 new tattoos in December! I love them so much. I’ll do a post updating those later.

    One thing I’ve certainly learnt recently is to stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being positive about what could go right.









  • kiss me when the sun goes down

    Right now I am in the middle of exams, and my brain is literally fried! Summer is fast approaching and I really could not be more grateful for the 4 month holiday that I’m about to have. 

    Over the month of May, I did a challenge where I wore a different outfit every day. Despite how awkward it got wearing something different each day, it was surprisingly really fun and I ended with a whole new appreciation for my wardrobe. I thought it would be fun to do it again, because this time, I can explore summer clothes! 

    Peplum tops, bright nail polish, studded shorts and printed cropped tops are very popular at the moment, with more styles bound to come in stores soon over for the summer season.. I guess I’ll have to stock up my wardrobe before I do another challenge!


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  • winter lovin’

    Woah, I’ve written, deleted and rewritten this post a trillion times. I’d rather write something with a clear head that just blabber right now, so I’ll just stick with something fun and lighthearted instead. So here’s my hot list for winter:

    One. Bold patterns seem to be making a regular appearance in my wardrobe recently, I  seriously cannot get enough!! Floral print jeans and blazers, horse printed blouses and aztec patterned leggings amaze me!
    Two. Something I slowly want to start letting creep in my jewelry collection is skulls. I know, you’re either thinking “oh cute!”, or “eeew what a goth.” But whatever, I think there are some skull decorated items that actually can be tasteful. People wear t-shirts with faces on them all the time, so a skull is basically the same just without skin or facial features.
    Three. I also really really want an oversized clutch. I always find ones I like but I want a big one, that’s not floppy but firm, and that will fit my phone in it. Sequined, studded and metallic ones are amongst the styles that I like.
    Four. Faux fur jackets. So practical cause it’s warm during this chilly season in NZ, and still so classic and sexy.
    Five.  Neon lipsticks and bold lip colour. This has always been a favourite of mine as it makes your outfit so versatile. Adding a bright lip colour can change the type of outfit you’re wearing from day wear to night wear. 

    I was going to do a not list as well, but to be honest, as long as you are comfortable with what you’re wearing, than that’s all that should matter. Stay warm x


  • you are near

    Last week I drove my Uncle to the airport and farewelled him off on his 6 week travels. I don’t get out my city often so the chance to go shopping in another city does not occur very often. It was a great opportunity to explore the different shops, treat myself to some new things and to not bump into people you know at every shop corner.

    Recently everywhere I’ve gone I’ve had to help rescue a small child from being lost in public places, and now it’s become like a broken record. I know it’s just a poor lost kid who could do with some helpful stranger to help find there way, but all I could think was how annoying it is that they were dumb enough to get lost in the first place. It sounds so lame but it really annoyed me! 

    How often is this you? Is it that the right thing that you need to you to do and always use to do has become a chore? Has it become old and lost it’s meaning? I’m gonna be honest when I say that this month has been friggin challenging in so many ways - outta my control, unexpected and at times unbearable, for more than one particular reason. And as of late, stopping to recognise the smaller and more important things in my life has become non existent. Yet I’ve come to realise that giving myself some time to process and time to be thankful of small things, like getting a car park, getting something cheaper than the full price or even owning a pair of socks, has changed my mindset completely. I have so much to be grateful for, to smile about, and this overcomes any struggles that tries to blindside me. 

    Festering on your crappy life and crappy situation only gives power to let your negative thoughts over flow into your mind, your words and your actions - No one likes a whack job who mopes all day. So be grateful! Because despite your circumstances, you’ll be sure to find that your outlook on life will change when you focus on what is working. Start with the small things, no matter how small, it can make that huge pie of poop seem like it has some gold flakes through it. 

    It’ll get better!


    Yay new things! 


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  • star studded

    This week has been such a good week. Feeling pretty chuffed at how chill life is being at the moment!

    But, ya know what? Life can suck fat ones -  sometimes more often than you’d want it to. And ya know what else? There’s nothing you can do about it! Stop trying to change what you cannot change. Embrace your trials and tribulations, enjoy the journey that it takes you on and build a bridge. And all you haters; don’t try build walls in front of someone’s bridge when they’re doing their best to just get by. Your negativity, although may seem like ‘constructive criticism’, can be all it takes to tear someone down again. 

    Here’s to all the bridges!

    I ♥ anything with studs!


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  • little one

    There have been so many babies being born recently, particularly over the past few months. Lucky for me I can help ease my cluckiness on someone else’s child.. but I am still super excited to have my own in the future. 

    One thing that I still struggle to understand is some of the names parents call their children. Yes, it is your child. Yes, you have the right to call it what you like. However, your poor child has to live with the name you give it for the rest of it’s life. No matter how cute it might sound, how cool your think it is to change the spelling or how different and unique it is, it is someone’s name, not just a cool thing you can make up to be trendy. 

    Be careful with the the name you give! For the sake of your child!

    My favorite baby clothes, all from Baby Gap


  • May you be mine

    I’m sure all of us can relate to me in same shape or form when I talk about friend requests on Facebook.. I’ve had many situations where I’ve accepted a friend request, cause somewhere in my mind I had decided it was a good idea, when really it was not. Well I usually add people out of sympathy to be honest, especially if they’re kinda weird. But in the back of my mind there’s always a criteria of sorts that people have to fit for me to add them..

    Do I ever speak to them? See them on a regular basis? I don’t see the point in being friends with someone just so they can stalk your page, especially if you never see them or talk to them and want to keep it that way. 
    A friend on Facebook shouldn’t resemble your relationship or acquaintances connections anyway. Facebook is not the only way to have a relationship with someone and shouldn’t be the only way you maintain these.
    (there is of course the obvious exception for family that you have to add out of politeness.. and for your own safety). 

    Do I want to maintain contact with this person? Finishing school is a great example of this. If you don’t have to see them daily at school, work or the likes, then you shouldn’t have to add them. It kinda follows my first point cause all they’re gonna do is have a troll your photos once in awhile but never communicate with you. And if you never really got along with them then why should you be friends with them? 

    There’s also the double standard of stalking - to an extent, we all do it! If you’re going to be hypocritical enough to delete someone so they don’t stalk you, then don’t be annoyed when someone does it to you for doing the same. There is power in the delete button! Don’t be annoyed when someone wants to use it.. You’re probably annoying anyway.


    May Faves
    - Leopard print shoes.. LOVE!
    - Nail art
    - Bedrock Bones Jewelry  

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