Twenty one and in love ♥
Telling it how it seriously, actually, realistically, honestly is. You're only as happy as you let yourself to be.
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    I have been so glad to have had the last four weeks on holiday from university, and man oh man has it been relaxing!!

    Sometimes I feel like writing this and speaking my mind is a waste of time.. mainly because all I do is moan about what is annoying me, but also because no matter how honest I am about something it never changes anything. Lame people will always be lame people. For me however, this is just a nice escape to be as honest as I want to be without this lame people being able to give me their death stares. I encourage you to do the same! You are always welcomed to have an opinion, just use it wisely, and stop forcing your opinion on others.

    Get a blog and start venting in a creative way haha.

    Nail art makes me so happy