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  • my woodland friends

    Awhile ago I became the member of a site called Once’it

    It’s a NZ site where local and international designers have special deals on their products for up to 70% off. It is full of beautiful clothing, gift ware, jewelry and home decor. My first purchase was four drawings called ‘My Woodland Friends’ from Hunter Gatherer, which will soon take it’s rightful place on my wall once I frame them. Eeeep so pretty!

    Go check it out!


  • NY

    I’ve always worked over new years, but this year I have it off! So I’m taking advantage and enjoying every moment of my freedom before I have to work or start Uni. Going to the beach, tanning, shopping, partying and enjoying the sun is all I want to be doing!

    This new years is going to be a good one!

    - polka dot bikini
    - havaianas
    - high waisted black laced crochet shorts
    - blue, yellow and green zinc sticks
    - clinique ‘happy’ perfume


  • band of outsiders

    I recently discovered the coolest mens clothing label!

    Band of Outsiders is and American men’s clothing brand that is modelled by actors such as Tom Felton, Rupert Grint, Topher Grace and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who happen to be the babest guys!). I like how casual it yet is still sophisticated and versatile.


  • Kikki.K

    If you know me well, you’ll know my serious obsession with stationery!

    Kikki.K recently opened one of their stores in a mall near where I live and I have since spent many hours drooling over their products. I can never point out something I don’t like, I like it that much! Have a look at what I mean here.


  • KK

    Last week my friend Jamie and I went on our weekly shopping trip. Haha yes, weekly!

    Our mission last week was to find some summer sandals or something, but instead we ended up buying hand bags! Kardashian Kollection bags to be exact! I flippin fell in love with mine! The photo just doesn’t do it much justice but I love that it’s so big!

    The first one is the one I got :)